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Jumpstart Your Amazon Adventure

Raising Sails AMZ is a coaching and learning program that accelerates the process of generating a product idea and bringing it to market on Amazon — A marketplace that saw $136 billion in sales last year!

  • Customized Coaching & Learning Portal - Access anywhere online - We'll create a personalized online portal where you can easily access links to training, documents and the ability to ask Andrew & Kevin questions during your entire training period.
  • Access to online video training (a $600 value) - You'll have access to an online video training course that takes you through the basics of creating a business on Amazon.
  • Researching & Validating Your Product Coaching - 1:1 coaching with Kevin & Andrew (in person or video conference) to help validate your product idea. Don't have an idea? That's ok, we can help you uncover products.
  • Sourcing & Designing Your Product - 1:1 coaching with Kevin & Andrew will help you navigate global and domestic suppliers to help you find a supplier for your product.
  • Launching & Optimizing Your Product on Amazon - 1:1 coaching with Andrew & Kevin take you through launching your product on Amazon and optimizing your listing to reach your sales goal.
  • Coaching Packages from $997 - $2,749

The Coaches

I've been selling on Amazon for about two years and love sharing what I've learned with others. Amazon sales have been a great way for me to provide an additional income stream for our family. By day I work for a social media company and have worked in the web development business for over 10 years.

My goal when teaching anyone, be it about Amazon or anything else, is to try and parse out those valuable nuggets and deliver them without all the trivial details. I love starting new things, brainstorming and seeing people succeed.

My Crazzie (also happens to be my company's brand name) journey on Amazon started over three years ago. Selling on Amazon, along with my agency Raising Sails, have been great avenues for me to make a living while having the flexibility to spend time with my family and community.

I enjoy connecting people with opportunity and providing introductions between people. I'm always down for an adventure and can't wait to see where this Crazzie journey leads.